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Bully Proof Kit

Grade Levels: 36

Total Running Time: 60 Minutes


Price: $399.95

This unique video/DVD and print curriculum includes 4 Bully Smart videos plus engaging activity cards, role-play scenarios, as well as other activities and posters to reinforce and explore positive ways to recognize and deal with bullying situations. Students are encouraged to work together to build a zero-tolerance policy toward bullying, while practicing skills that will both prevent and reduce bullying problems. Activities also shed light on why people bully and how to spot bullying in oneself.

Includes: 3 Color Posters, 40 Activity cards, Activity Sheets and Teacher's Resource Book in digital format

Videos in this series include:
Are You a Bully?
Don't Stand By
Five Ways to Stop a Bully
Help! I'm a Bully

Available in DVD format

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