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Wise Owl Bully Stopper Kit


Grade Levels:  K—2
Total Running Time: 34 minutes
Price:  $329.95

This live-action video-based program is hosted by Wise Owl, a likable cartoon character, who encourages young viewers to learn more about what bullying is and how it can be stopped. The Wise Owl Bully Stopper Kit is designed to provide the tools that a school needs to put a stop to bullying. Helpful vignettes play out common situations that help young viewers learn how to deal with bullies in a healthy, assertive manner. A combination of visual activities, discussion questions, hands-on projects, and communication exercises will ensure that students receive a well-rounded course of study.

Includes:  3 DVDs, 3 full-color posters, laminated activity cards, stickers, teacher's resource book, and student activities in digital format

Video Preview:


Videos in this series include: 
Don't Be a Bully Bystander 
I See a Bully
You Can Stop a Bully


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