Media Detective
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Media Detective
Janis Kupersmidt, Ph.D.

Grade Levels: 3 – 5

Media Detective is an evidence-based media literacy education program for 3rd- to 5th-grade students. It is designed to delay or prevent the onset of alcohol and tobacco use. This entertaining, interactive, activity-based program allows students to unravel the meanings behind advertisements and media messages.


Program Learning Objectives

- Encourage healthy cognitions about alcohol and tobacco use: Through class discussions, activities, and group work, students develop healthy beliefs and attitudes about abstaining from alcohol and tobacco use.
- Enhance critical thinking skills: This program is designed to foster the development of critical thinking skills so that students may successfully resist the dangerously positive messages about alcohol and tobacco use they encounter in media. These skills transform students from passive to active media consumers.
- Delay or prevent the onset of underage alcohol and tobacco
use: Participants will be empowered with the media literacy skills
they need to make informed decisions about the products and
services that they buy and use, particularly in relation to alcohol
and tobacco use.

Program Structure
10 class sessions, approximately 45 minutes each

Program Components
- Comprehensive, easy-to-use Teacher’s Manual
- Student Detective Notebooks
- Media examples and activity resources

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