Media Detective

Media Detective Family Night
Tracy Scull, Ph.D., Janis Kupersmidt, Ph.D.

Families of children in grades 3 – 5

Media Detective Family Night is a one-time workshop that can be hosted by one or more teachers who have taught Media Detective to their students. The program welcomes parents and guardians into a school-based media literacy education, substance use prevention program.

Program Learning Objectives

- Introduce parents to the field of media literacy education and its relationship to substance abuse prevention.
- Help parents to recognize the importance of monitoring their children’s exposure to media.
- Teach parents media deconstruction skills, so they can apply them in doing logical analyses with their children.
- Provide children who have experienced the Media Detective program with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of media literacy skills to their parents.

Program Structure
1 session, approximately 1.5 – 2 hours

Program Components
- Comprehensive, easy-to-use Teacher’s
- Manual Family Detective Notebooks
- Media examples and activity resources

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