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Middle School
- Alcohol & the Teenage Brain: A Video Guide for Parents and Professionals
- LifeSkills Training Middle School Program
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Ideal for parenting workshops or as a self-paced program

Botvin LifeSkills Training | Parent Program
Gilbert J. Botvin, Ph.D.

Program Overview
The award-winning Botvin LifeSkills Training Parent Program is designed to help parents strengthen communication with their children and prevent them from using drugs. This powerful prevention tool is ideal for parenting workshops or individual use at home. The comprehensive guide and DVD included in this program contain materials and exercises that help parents teach their children the skills that help them resist the threats of tobacco, drugs, and violence. These tools help parents prepare their children for a successful transition from adolescence to early adulthood.

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also available in Spanish

Program Learning Objectives
The LifeSkills Training Parent Program is divided into four easy-to-use sections:

• Section 1: Introduction
   Overviews the issues related to adolescent drug abuse.

• Section 2: Protective Family Factors
   Provides information on how to be a good role model for your   
   child, ways to convey a clear anti-drug message, and tips for 
   effective family communication and parental monitoring.

• Section 3: General Life Skills
Provides information and engaging activities to help your children 
  develop personal self-management and social skills.

• Section 4: Additional Resources
   Offers a comprehensive listing of resources to help parents seek out
   additional information.

Program Components
Parent Guide
A clear and comprehensive resource designed to give parents the knowledge and skills to encourage healthy behavior and prevent their
child from using drugs.

Parent DVD (English & Spanish)
This valuable visual resource introduces each of the five protective family factors through a variety of examples and scenarios.

Botvin LifeSkills Training Parent Program Workshop Set
The LifeSkills Training Parent Program Workshop Set is designed to provide parent workshop leaders with materials suited for workshop delivery. The set includes:

• Parent Program Leader’s Guide
A Step-By-Step Manual for Workshop Facilitators that provides activities and instructions for implementing parenting workshops. Includes lesson plans for each session, implementation tips, and a Parent DVD.*

• Parent Workshop Guide (available in English or Spanish)
Specifically designed for facilitated workshops, the LifeSkills Training Parent Workshop Guide contains the Protective Family and General Life Skills sections from the full Parent Program. Used in conjunction with the Parent Program Leader’s Guide, this guide allows facilitators to address specific needs of parents in their community.

*Parent Workshop Guides and Parent DVDs are also available in Spanish.

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