Unit 2

Unit 2 presents the tenets of decision-making and incorporates the concept of values into making decisions; it also continues the discussion of risk. Teens may receive advice from teachers, friends, family, or the media (such as magazines) on how to deal with dilemmas, but rarely do they see decision-making as a method or skill.  Solidifying this skill by practicing it daily will serve your students well as they progress through their life and academic careers.

With the continuing increase in their independence, teenagers' decisions reflect more of who they are and what's important to them than even those they had control over in middle school.  This unit helps them examine how their decisions reflect not just what they like but also what they value.  For example, a seemingly simple decision to go to a movie with friends might have an unexpected consequence if it results in the student not being ready for the next day's test.

The three web-based activities associated with Unit 2 are Concentration, Self-Check, and Web Inquiry: "A Seven-Step Path to Better Decisions." 

Web Inquiry:  Students will read the article "The Seven-Step Path to Better Decisions" from the Josephson Institute website. The article touches on important elements in decision-making such as developing options, considering consequences, and evaluating personal values. 

Extension: This article discusses values in the form of "ethical principles."  Have students work in small groups to discuss (1) what constitutes ethical behavior, (2) examples of people (either in the public eye or who they know personally) who are ethical and why, and (3) how ethical principles (and their absence) impact decisions.  If someone is ethical, can that person make a bad decision?

This article on decision-making aligns with the following goals for Unit 2 of the LST High School curriculum:

1. The kinds of decisions we make for ourselves.
2. How our decisions reflect who we are—our personality, character, and values.
3. How our decisions affect our health.
4. How decision-making skills can help us change or improve a health behavior.

Students will read the article "A Healthy You!" from the Centers for Disease Control website. The article outlines a CDC initiative targeting six critical health areas that profoundly affect teenagers' health, as well as other significant topics. 

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