Suggestions for Implementation

The interactive activities for students on this website are designed to enhance and enrich the LifeSkills Training High School curriculum. Each unit contains three activities: one that reviews the unit's concepts (either a crossword puzzle or card memory game), one that tests student comprehension (Self-Check), and one that takes students more deeply into the unit's topic (Web Inquiry). 

Crossword puzzles are found in units 1, 3, 5, and 7.The terms and definitions in each puzzle are drawn from vocabulary used throughout its respective unit.  You may want to introduce the puzzle to the class as a group and demonstrate how to highlight the areas to be filled in (see the instructions that appear with the activity). If you assign the activity for homework or extra credit, students can print out and submit their completed puzzles.   

Alternative: Print out the puzzle and photocopy it for students to work on in small groups in class.

This classic memory game is found in the web activities for units 2, 4, and 6.  Students match terms used in the unit with their definitions. Once the game is finished, students can print out the list of terms and definitions as a refresher.  Students can play the game again to better their time; the cards will appear in a different arrangement each time.

If you wish, have students submit the print-out for extra credit or as homework.

Each unit has a multiple choice quiz that consists of ten questions covering key unit concepts. Students get immediate feedback on their answer choices and receive a score at the end. If they wish, students can take the quiz more than once until they achieve a perfect score (the questions do not change, though the order of the answers may vary).

Web Inquiry
Each unit has its own Web Inquiry. Students link to and read an article on the Internet that relates to and reinforces the unit's concepts.  They then type in answers to five factual questions based on the article and print out and give their work to you.

Each article aligns with goals of the LST High School curriculum; individual unit home pages provide this information.  Suggestions for extensions for each Web Inquiry are given for each unit. 

Extension: Supplement the Web Inquiry activity with questions that ask students to analyze the article or express their opinion about a statement in it (and support it with facts).  You can also use information found in the article as a basis for further research. 

Extension: "Monitoring the Future" ( is an ongoing study conducted by NIDA on the patterns of usage of substances by students.  If your program focuses on substance abuse prevention, this is an excellent resource for students to use for researching usage statistics. 

Note: In order to open the web inquiry articles, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download this program for free at the Adobe homepage.

Answer Keys 
A link to the Answer Keys for the Web Inquiries is provided on each teacher site Unit Overview page.  To request the password necessary to access them, please email (to expedite your request, put "Answer Key" in the subject line).  Please note that we will email the password only to institutional addresses, not personal email accounts.  Please include a phone number in case we need to verify your affiliation.



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